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Welcome to Kingdom Talks Media! On this site you will find a variety of leaders and teachers from around the world who are setting people free to see in the Spirit and experience heaven in a real way.

Jesus died for you because He knows who you really are, and it was worth everything to Him to see you reach your full potential.  We want to encourage you on that path to discover who you really are called to be!

Gil and Adena Hodges have designed one of the most profound, yet easy to follow online discipleship courses. Short teachings and simple activation help everyone build on a solid Biblical foundation that will allow them to have the Ultimate Impact God intended. After laying the foundation for “walking in the Heavens” through The Ultimate Impact Series, Gil and Adena encourage you to explore the other teachers and leaders.

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As we navigate this transition into the Next Age, many of us have left traditional church and need a place to call home.  

We invite you to share ideas, collaborate, and see what other people are doing to build the Kingdom of God in this Next Age.

Conference Recordings, Courses, and more...

Some of the Teachers on the Kingdom Talks Media Network are:
- Christopher Carter
- Bralynn Newby
- Nancy Coen
- Helena Cavan
- Mike Parsons
- Terry Spencer
...and more